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Customizable Pools

Customizable Points: A pool can score points however you want and therefore every pool acts a little differently. You can place a different point value in each variable (ie: even strength goals, power play goals, hat tricks, empty netters, wins, shoot out losses - the list goes on and on!). You can create different points systems for different positions too. The positional break down is: Goalies, Defense, Forwards, Enforcers and NHL Teams.

Customizable Dates: By default, pools run from the first game of the season to the last game of the season. However, you can insert custom start and end dates if you prefer. So your pool can start and end whenever you like.

Stats Updated Daily

Stats are updated daily at 12:30am PST/3:30am EST.

Teams per Pool

Our Hockey Pool Manager supports up to 1000 pool teams. If you would like to set up a pool that has more than 1000 teams, please email support@pickuphockey.com and we will arrange a customized pool. There will be a service fee for custom pools.

Players per Team

You can have as many players as you want on each team. It's unlimited but at this time pool teams must be manually entered.

Printable Pool Reports

Our Hockey Pool Manager provides fully customizable and printable reports that you can use to help choose your players. You can also use the reports to create pick lists and distribute them to your poolies. You can also print out your pool standings at any time throughout the duration of the season and or playoffs.

NHL Games Summary and Schedule

View the scoring summaries of the previous night's games (and all the games since from the start of the current season), and keep on top of who is playing each night using our NHL Games Summary and Schedule.


Trades are a great feature because many players can get injured throughout the season and some may even retire, or you may just want to give your poolies the option to trade as needed. Having the ability to do UNLIMITED trades throughout the season keeps your poolies involved right until the end of the pool. Split or Replacement trade systems are both available.


You can assign a completely different point structure to enforcers. You can give them points based on penalty minutes and even penalize them for getting points. It's entirely up to you.

Injuries Updated Daily

Injuries are updated daily at 12:30am PST/3:30am EST.

Chump Chat

Chump Chat is a pool message board within the pool where your poolies can communicate and "trash talk" each other all season long. The Chump Chat is a private system and therefore each pool has its own Chump Chat board. As the administrator you can control the board.

Optional Email Updates

You have the option of sending email stats updates to your poolies! This is a great feature allowing you to set the frequency of the email updates. Your options are

  • daily
  • every other day
  • every 3 days
  • every 4 days
  • every 5 days
  • every 6 days
  • weekly

You can change this setting at anytime.

Bias Rules

The optional Bias Rule is commonly used to take the "luck" out of a hockey pool, or it is used to even out the playing field (ahem…we mean “playing rink”!) We offer several configurations for your bias rule set up to offer all the flexibility imaginable. Of course you don't have to use it if you don't want to - it's up to you. By default the bias rule is turned off. The options are:

  1. None – Pretty self explanatory, all the players points will count towards each of the pool team’s total points within your hockey pool. If you don’t want to set up a bias preference just leave this option selected.
  2. Omit Top/Bottom "x" – In this scenario you can choose to ignore the points from the top or bottom number of players for each pool team within your hockey pool. For example you can ignore the top and bottom scoring player from each pool team.
  3. Omit Top/Bottom "x" by position - Here you can choose to ignore the points from the top or bottom number of players for each pool team based on the player’s position. So you can ignore top or bottom forwards, defense, goalies, enforcers or even NHL teams. For example you can set up your pool to have 2 goalies on each team and then ignore the goalie whose performance is the worst on each team.
  4. Count Top "x" – Using this set up you can tell the system to count the top amount of players in each pool team’s total. This feature is good if each team has an odd number of players on them and you want to ensure that the system counts the same amount of players for each pool team.
  5. Count Top "x" by position – Using this set up you can tell the system to count the top amount of players in each pool team’s total by position. So you can count the top forwards, defense, goalies, enforcers or even NHL teams. This feature is good if each pool team within your hockey pool has an odd number of players in various positions but you want to make sure that your pool counts the same amount per position. For example; if team A has 3 goalies selected but team B only has two, you can use this setting to make sure that the system counts just the top 1 goalie per pool team.

Enhanced Statistics

Our Free Pool Manager includes all of the enhanced statistics that you can imagine. You can even structure them differently based on a player’s position. Stats include:

  • Goals
  • Assists
  • PPG / PPA
  • SHG / SHA
  • OTG
  • OT Assists
  • GWG
  • Empty netters
  • Shoot out winners
  • Penalty shot goals
  • Hat tricks
  • +/-
  • Goalie wins
  • Goalie regulation losses
  • Goalie overtime wins
  • Goalie overtime losses
  • Goalie shoot out losses
  • Shut outs
  • Team wins
  • Team regulation losses
  • Team overtime wins
  • Team overtime losses
  • Team shoot out losses
  • Team shut outs
  • Enforcer penalty minutes

Negative or Fractional Points

Insert negative values to penalize players if you wish. Use fractional values for deadly precise points.