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2016 Feb-Apr Pick’Em is available for sign-up now!

What is it?

Fantasy Pick’Em is a pick box style hockey pool where you compete against the community. Sign up for free and pick the players you think will get the most points for those given weeks. If you're right, you win.


The team with the most points for the period will win a jersey from the NHL team of their choice! Second place will win a hockey video game for Xbox or Playstation. Third place will win an exclusive t-shirt to wear with pride.

Pick 'Em Prizes

Important Dates

  • Sign up to register your team between February 10 and February 15, 2016 3:00pm (PST).
  • Picklist cut-off date is February 15, 2016 3:30pm (PST).
  • Points run from February 15, 2016 to April 9, 2016 inclusive.


  • Sign up.
  • Choose 1 player from each of the groups in the pick list.
  • Log-in to the pool every day to see how your players performed the previous night.


  • 1 point per goal (forward and defense)
  • 1 point per assist (forward and defense)
  • 0.5 point per enforcer penality minute
  • 2 points per goalie win
  • 1 point per goalie shutout