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Posted - 04/16/2011 :  20:40:32  Reply with Quote
I'm getting tired of players gesticulating after a player of the opposing team appears to have delivered a puck over the glass!

Let the Refs do their job! They (mostly) know when an infraction takes place.

How would players like it if officials made gestures after a failed shot or save? That would never happen of course, because they're professionals.

Just curious though - are officials actually influenced by players' input this way? For example, when a puck is shot over the glass, would the officials actually miss a call without the players' pointing it out?

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Posted - 04/17/2011 :  09:12:52  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I think it's somewhat a natural reaction. Same goes when a sloppy line change occurs and 20+ guys including coaches and trainers from the opposing teams' bench are yelling "TOO MANY TOO MANY" trying to make sure the refs notice the possibility there's too many men on the ice.

In soccer, teams yell offside and stick their arm up looking for a call when it's questionable. In basket ball, guys gesture to the refs all the time whether it be for a foul call, goaltending, "basket should count", etc..... I'm sure it happens in most sports.
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Posted - 04/17/2011 :  09:21:58  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Well, first off - refs are human, and they are influenced by other actions, whether it's a bunch of players acting in disbelief, or a bunch of crazy fans.

I find it odd that you make several assumptions in you question, guest:
1) The ref almost always know when an infraction has occurred.
2) Everytime a ref sees an infraction, he calls it.

I would submit to you that refs quite often miss calls, especially behind the play, and that a ref often ignores calling a penalty on an infraction . . . many scenarios for this to happen.

And yeah, I have seen players let the ref know about a shot over the glass, for instance. Once in a while, it causes the ref to actually ask his linesman, and the right call is then made . . . whereas if the player(s) didn't call it out, it would have probably gone unpenalised.

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Posted - 04/17/2011 :  10:19:29  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
i used to ref in minor hockey (i know it's not the same as NHL but still) you know your job but the pace of an NHL game is so fast, have you ever sit at the ice level and watch a game, it's damm fast so it's hard for them to call everything. They are human and make mistakes but they do the best they can and i mostly take their side on missed calls (depending the situation)

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