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PickupHockey Legend

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Posted - 02/20/2013 :  08:44:46  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Last night in the latest chapter of the Canucks / Hawks rivalry, Jannick Hansen knocks Marion Hossa from the game with what is being described by most in Vancouver as a light tap to the shoulder area of Hossa with his forearm and in Chicago a blatant cheap shot elbow to the back of the head of a guy who had scored two goals in the game and is just coming off a lengthy concussion issue. (I'm not quoting these descriptions btw, just having some fun with the obvious differing in opinions between fans in either city).

Personally, when i saw it (in real time), i didn't think it was anything close to dangerous, wreckless, etc. However, after seeing replays, i can see that it could be considered wreckless. I don't think he intentionally went into this collision, which happens very quickly, with the intent to KO anyone, but regardless, he has to be responsible and know he's behind Hossa when this happened.

FTR, it's been announced that he will have a hearing with Shanny regarding this, though i don't know if it's in person or on the phone as some are? I do find it annoying that no penalty was being called on the play until after the fact. The announcers in the video clip below say it wasn't until Toews complained to the refs that they called something but i'm not sure it was that or if it was the fact they realized afterwards that Hossa was hurt and decided to call it then? On the telecast, they even said it could have been for what ensued afterwards though i find that hard to believe seeing as the call was roughing and Toews was going after Hansen and would have been more likely to have rec'd 2mins at that point?

I'm guessing a fine and IF ANY suspension, just a game. I'd be okay with that as i continue to believe they need to do something to protect the players. However, watch the video. It's not much of a hit and if that's all it takes to knock a guy from the game, perhaps Hossa shoudln't be cleared to play at this point? It really isn't vicious at all. I wanted to throw up when i read comments on Yahoo from Hawks fans about how this was as bad or worse than the Keith on Sedin hit from last year??? Watch the vid and notice too that there's barely a reaction from the Chicago bench at the time of the hit.

PickupHockey All-Star

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Posted - 02/20/2013 :  09:00:23  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

I was surprised when Hossa went down, the play was innocent enough, with both players jumping for a puck in the air. Unfortunately Hansen was behind Hossa, so in going for the puck he's in the air and reaching over Hossa's head, and there you have your contact. Those elbow pads are pretty hard - even the lightest touch can seem like getting hit with a rock, and voila, injury.

I haven't heard anything more about the hit, and I hope that Hansen doesn't get a suspension out of this. Similar to the Cooke/Karlsson incident, it was an unfortunate result from some loose and thoughtless play on Hansen's part (what are you thinking when you reach over the head of an opposing player?). He's not a dirty player and has no history with the league.

Regarding the penalty call - you're right Alex, there was no call on the initial play, and then one was called after a heated exchange from Toews. Further, no penalty was called on Toews for the obvious roughing of Hansen post-play. The game was full of brutal reffing, and for the first time that I've seen, crazy linesman calls as well. And before Beans gets up in my grill, the brutal calls went both ways, I have no complaints that it was a lopsided affair.
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Posted - 02/20/2013 :  11:57:26  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I didn't watch the replay 100 times but the few times I did see it shows me that Hansen originally was going for the puck with his glove but when there was no chance of him getting the puck he absolutely appeared to hit Hossa in the head. This was not a case of incidental contact by going for the puck. It APPEARED the Hansen intended to his Hossa in the head after the puck was unplayable.

That said, a fine would be ok. Maybe a game suspension if Shanahan feels there was more intent than what I saw. Nothing more than that.
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