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 Bring back the old Chump chat

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Guest0168 Posted - 10/18/2009 : 18:08:24
Oh my god the new chump chat is TERRIBLE. It has everything that was bad about the old one (refreshing etc) but WORST...the ''PROCESSING'' screen what the hell is that, also you can't just have the chump chat in the corner of the screen like before which was awesome I could work and chat at the same time now I have to have a whole browser opened. it's really just terrible bring back the old chump chat pleassssseeeeee
24   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
Guest7385 Posted - 11/11/2009 : 06:17:56
Gotta bump this, the refresh button does nada so far!

Keep up
Guest2219 Posted - 11/10/2009 : 06:23:13
I'm sorry to bring some bad news again but hey! yes there a beautifull new refresh button thx a lot... but the work isn't compete yet!!! It's time to get the button workin now!!! Cause right now the button doesn't refresh the chat at all!!! I know you'll fix this soon thx a lot!
admin Posted - 11/05/2009 : 13:31:41
Hey everyone, we've added a refresh button to the Chumpchat system! Also we fixed a bug and now the chumpchats will show up in the correct order determined by the second (until now it was by the minute so it caused some posts to go out of order) Check it out!

We do have plans to have the ability to optionally separate it into a new window if you wished...but that will take us some time. No ETA yet.

I'll keep you posted.

Guest0307 Posted - 10/31/2009 : 12:01:51
Thx a lot! We had trouble with Timmonen games played that indicated 20 games and with the chump chat and we're having a great response from you guy! Timmonen's problem have been fixed very fastly and if you could fix the chump chat soon it would be great! Awesome service to customer(even if it's free :)) Thx!
admin Posted - 10/31/2009 : 10:02:22
Hi everyone. a few things in order of priority now that we've had a chance to settle into the season:

1) the post order - making sure that all posts are in proper order - if posts are within the same minute they can get out of order - we'll fix it.
2) a refresh button - an oversight that will be fixed shortly
3) ability to open it in a new window

Stay tuned.
Guest0307 Posted - 10/31/2009 : 07:53:52
Is there anything new concerning the chump chat chicken chunky? Personnally I can't wait for a Refresh button!!! and also a pop up window!!! And sometimes the msg arent in chronological order like when to messages are post in the same minute they go after the first one instead of upper!
Guest7385 Posted - 10/21/2009 : 12:44:17
yes but while they do all that (could be long) just bringing back the old Chump chat as another feature would be neat. This way the actual chump chat could be used as a message board for the league and the old thing could be used as a chatroom. This would take no time, just putting back a link to the old chat.

In a couple months when they work on the new chat maybe then they could delete the old link.

Just sayin.

On another note, Man-Games-Last-Night is a good idea too.
Guest0307 Posted - 10/21/2009 : 12:18:00
I think you should forget the last post (sorry folk) but the priority is really an autorefresh(can be hard to do without applet and stuff) or a refresh button at least(refreshing the page is very long for nothin') and the second priority is the ability to pop out the chat in a small window as before. But I would like to raise another problem. When two messages or more are send in the same minute, they loose their chronology so the first message of the minute stay higher than the second one (who was post after so should be higher) and the second one is higher then the third one and so on... so maybe it should be the third priority. Thank you very much by the way I have plenty of other suggestion(like putting all the stats in the same window and just scroll horizontally to display the stats and also a MGLN (Man Game Last Night) stats) So Thank you very much see you on an another post
Guest7385 Posted - 10/21/2009 : 11:07:41
Oh sorry for the double post but I have an idea... the current chump chat makes a great forum actually, it's a cool ''message board'' thing to talk smack etc. While the old chump chat was a really awesome ''chat'' device... maybe you could put both, leave the current chump chat as is on the page and bring back the old thing and call it ''Live Chat'' or whatever...

is that clear ? sorry I'm french so it maybe not well explained... there would be the current chump chat as it is right now and the old thing would be re-added and called something else to reflect it's more ''live-nature''
Guest7385 Posted - 10/21/2009 : 11:04:43
ok thanks for the reply!
admin Posted - 10/21/2009 : 09:52:53
We have reported it and it is in the queue. I imagine it will be within 2 weeks.

For now you can always hit the refresh button in the browser window to refresh the page. You can also open a second window and make it smaller and pull it to the side for your chumpchat. I know these are not ideal but I am just offering up temporary helpful solutions until we can add these new features.

bounty2k3 Posted - 10/21/2009 : 09:51:44
Sorry, but your browser comes with a refresh button correct? They all have them. Use that instead of "yelling" at admin t fix something which is free to use and they are doing the best they can. They provide a great service here for FREE. Admin will see your post whether in caps or not. They answered your first posts did they not before the caps?

Guest7385 Posted - 10/21/2009 : 09:27:00
Do you have any news/possible timeframe about the refresh button, or a auto-refresh thingy? Also a windowed mode ? thanks!
Guest2219 Posted - 10/20/2009 : 06:47:32
Yeah sorry I wasnt yelling, I just used caps letters cause it was important for the admin to see it cause those suggestions are crucial. I mean, I dont understand what was the idea behind a chump chat who does not refresh itself and does not have a refresh button. Whats the plan? How are we supposed to see the answers from other people exept by clicking on sending an empty message that we have to delete after. Nobody though of that or what was the plan? And having it with the pool stats can be great but I think it was better in a pop up window. So if I resume, the new thing is the latest chat message passing up the stats (that's great by the way) and thats all? (with the refresh button taken out and no pop up window anymore) So I wonder what was your idea at the base to improve the chat ? I just cant see. But thanks for taking our suggestions and hope you can fix it soon cause before the new system we had writen like 500 pages in a month of text and now its 1 page for 3 days and it wont really get more until it is fixed. Thanks a lot!
Guest7385 Posted - 10/20/2009 : 05:21:50
Ok thanks that'll be great!!! All our pool used to talk all day in the chump chat at work so that's why we're pretty disapointed that we couldn't anymore.
admin Posted - 10/19/2009 : 12:23:20
yes, yelling is not the most effective way. We'll get a refresh option in asap but a window option may take some more time.
bounty2k3 Posted - 10/19/2009 : 11:46:18
Not that yelling is appropriate here, but asking would have sufficed I'd think anyway. But yes, a refresh button would be nice.

Guest7385 Posted - 10/19/2009 : 09:04:33
Exactly this guy nailed it!!!!
Guest2219 Posted - 10/19/2009 : 08:43:59
admin Posted - 10/19/2009 : 08:11:21
Ok keep the suggestions coming. We're listening and we'll do what we can to improve it.
Guest7385 Posted - 10/19/2009 : 07:14:19
No Refresh button???? How are we to know when someone posts????? Seriously the chat needs to be pop up
Guest7385 Posted - 10/19/2009 : 05:22:00
yeah I exagerated a little it's not that terrible, I thought it was worst than it is. But I wish we could have it on a small pop up like the old one.

bounty2k3 Posted - 10/18/2009 : 23:56:55
I like the new chump chat and "processing" while searching through the pool teams in my pool. I think it was the fading out feature that caused some problems for some people. Thank you Admin for listening to the concerns and doing something about it. I've seen on other sites when people have problems and some other admin there would say something like "Deal with cause I'm not" type of thing.

Once again thank you and great work as always.

Guest4629 Posted - 10/18/2009 : 22:17:59
I love the new one! I can see who's been slamming me on the fly and give it right back to them!

I'm not sure but I think the processing is the same thing as a page refreshing so I don't think it adds any time.

Also I can delete my own posts. couldn't do that before.

the new one is way better!

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