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 Positive Change in Leaf Nation in 2011

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
T-RAV Posted - 02/16/2011 : 05:10:59
I have noticed that a lot of us in this forum are perpetually angry/hostile.

I was hoping to start a thread where Leafs fans can discuss trades or games or draft picks or what have you, with out being criticized and brutalized by haters and non-Leaf fans.

If we can keep this thread positive then I will keep out of your other topics, as I am sure very few, if any, of you get anything from my posts.

This thread is for positive/optimistic thoughts and comments. If you want to piss in the cornflakes of Leafs fans there are already plenty of these threads going.

Perhaps this is too much to ask, but I would appreciate it if we could all co-exist with out calling people names or correcting diction. thank you

Peace and Respect
19   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
Porkchop73 Posted - 02/18/2011 : 14:03:30
So lets do a little something that is on topic.

Positive changes in Leaf Nation - well I think it keeps getting more and more positive with each move Burke is making. It certainly appears as though Burke can rebuild this team without finishing in the basement forever collecting top 3 picks. It is a long hard road of at least 8-10 years for most teams to reap those rewards of building through the draft.
Although Burke gave away consecutive 1st rd picks in the Kessel deal he now has two 1st rd in 2011, 3 first rd picks from 2008, and 1st round pick from 2009, and some decent other prospects in the system. Without checking, has any other team built up as many first rounders since 2008?
Lets say Burke now takes his new found draft picks and turns them over in package for a top 3 player. The rebuild then suddenly begins fast tracking. Burke may just prove his naysayers wrong if can do such a thing.
Certainly the future has become alot brighter for Leafs nation in the last 3 weeks. The question remains - can the leafs take all this potential and put it together quicker then if they had decided to rebuild through the draft.
Guest4803 Posted - 02/18/2011 : 12:52:31
the leafs are the best ! lets make a thread about all the happy times we have as leaf fans, remember 1967 wasnt that the greatest year of our lives
slozo Posted - 02/18/2011 : 04:52:40
That may be true OilinOntario . . . but the rest of the country doesn't piss in your cornflakes - they go on and on about what a great young team you are and will be in the future. Just because you follow the commonly accepted practice of building through the draft in a very straightforward way . . . as opposed to some other teams doing it a different way.

And your cornflakes don't have a the largest team of reports covering it, don't have a million cameras on it, don't have every peanut-gallery comedian making derisive jokes about it, aren't the butt of every joke, etc etc etc etc.

So until you have something constructive to say . . . why don't you start an Oil thread? Get your bowl of cornflakes ready, cause I just drank a couple of coffees . . .

"Take off, eh?" - Bob and Doug
OILINONTARIO Posted - 02/17/2011 : 17:23:04
Originally posted by T-RAV

This thread is for positive/optimistic thoughts and comments. If you want to piss in the cornflakes of Leafs fans there are already plenty of these threads going.

Peace and Respect

I am an Oilers fan. I piss in my own cornflakes every day and eat it like a champ.

The Oil WILL make the playoffs in 2012.
admin Posted - 02/17/2011 : 16:11:51
T-Rav - I changed the topic title. If you think of a more fitting one please feel free to change it. Thanks!
Guest7924 Posted - 02/17/2011 : 13:54:42
Go Leafs Go!
Leafs81 Posted - 02/17/2011 : 13:15:43
Tim Brent is good on the PK.

And Luke Schenn leads all defenseman in the league in hits.

There's some of my positive thoughts.
leigh Posted - 02/17/2011 : 10:06:30
It's mostly the title Slozo. But the content of the first post also says it can be about anything. What we don't want is this being the thread where all things leafs are discussed, that is what the "Toronto Maple Leafs" section of the forum is for. Ie: a big hit, a great save, management changes, trades, draft picks. etc. Each item on it's own is a thread and each has it's own shelf-life. Open ended threads can go on in perpetuity with no clear discussion objective. But anyway, if you wish to discuss moderating protocol further email me so we don't disrupt the flow of this thread further please.

I do still politely ask our good man T-Rav to give this a little tighter subject name to give this forum some clearer direction. Slozo has presented some good options in his post above if this is about Positive Change in Leaf Nation in 2011. If this is in fact what T-Rav is aiming for. Thanks!
slozo Posted - 02/17/2011 : 08:33:35
Originally posted by leigh

Moved to Leafs forum. T-Rav I appreciate what you are looking for and I know that people will respect it, but be prepared for opposing thoughts. Also note that in forums each thread must have a specific topic or theme so this will not work for general ramblings. Please start a new thread for each subject change. We can not have one single thread for all things leafs. To be clear, I would say the same to anyone starting a thread like this for any team.

Please choose a topic and rename the thread. Thanks!


I would present the argument, Leigh, that T-Rav does in indeed have a clear subject here: positive thoughts on today's Leafs team.

We are talking about a tremendously popular franchise that has had terrible teams the last few years and has been slagged continuously in its media mad market, and here as well. I think it is a fair subject, to try and talk about any of the positive moves the Leafs have made / are making.

I agree with you, that yes, it's an open forum, and should be kept that way . . . but as in any thread, do we not try to keep it on track to the subject? This thread should have no different standard applied.

I would say that any thoughts on positive developments for a certain team is no more general than a thread on trades before the deadline, your favourite player, or a thread that asks site commenters to tell all at what level you played hockey. It's hockey; it's about a specific thing (positive developments for the Leafs); and it's still open for anyone to comment on, albeit asking people to please stay on the subject.

In Addition
- The subject under the Calgary Flame topic, "flames outlook part two" posted 06/05/09 had a topic with absolutely no clear question. No moderator/admin comments.

- Another old subject title under Calgary Flames from hockster 12/08/08 (transcribed in full):
"After watching the flames all my life i think i speak for all when i say that they are the going to win the cup this year. they are so fast and are really hitting a groove so i think that i will make my vote for the cup the calgary flames. "

Leigh, you commented to this subject with no advice or condemnation on the open subject matter, and the absence of any posed question.

I bring this forward only in defence of this thread remaining.

"Take off, eh?" - Bob and Doug
polishexpress Posted - 02/17/2011 : 07:56:26
Though I'm not a Leaf fan, its nice to see that they finally are developing some of their own talent. I'm referring to James Reimer. If he turns out to be a legitimate goalie, then your pains over Tuukka Rask will be forgotten.

There, I said something nice about the leafs.

T-RAV Posted - 02/17/2011 : 03:11:24
Duke, I admire your optimism. However its still a little early for me to hold my breath. They've played good hockey as of late, great hockey in the last two. Real hard forecheck all night long. SWEET! But even still, to beat the Bruins, who are one of the top teams in the league (talent-wise) and the Sabres (whom we haven't beat in Buffalo in a long time) have been playing well lately too.

With Ottawa and NY Islanders coming up, perhaps they can match their longest winning streak this year.

Reimer is playing solid in goal. The odd softy here and there, but that's nothing compared to what we've been through in the last few years.
When we picked up Giggy, I had no idea he'd be hurt so often.

Joey Crabb got his first as a Leaf on the penalty kill. Short-handed goals are so exciting.

Here's to hoping they can keep it together.

Peace and Respect
The Duke Posted - 02/16/2011 : 18:51:54
Great game by the leafs again tonight in Buff....they`ve got 2 more againist BUF....1 with the Thrashers....and 1 left with doubt they will need wins in these games.

You never know, 3 weeks ago they were 14 points its down to 6 points, anything can happen.

If Reimer can keep it up, who knows.
Guest4125 Posted - 02/16/2011 : 18:49:00
just finished watch the game against the Sabres, so i'm on a bit of a rush right now....
very impressed with the high energy level they showed again tonight. i thought the combo of a 2nd game of a back-to-back and in Buffalo, would equal disaster. and i'm sure i wasn't alone on those feelings considering their recent history against the Sabres.
but boy was i ever wrong. all 4 lines were rolling. they defended well, had a consistent hard forecheck, and managed to get a couple past Miller. solid team effort the entire night.
now let's hope they can show some consistency and keep this up!!
leigh Posted - 02/16/2011 : 09:54:38
Moved to Leafs forum. T-Rav I appreciate what you are looking for and I know that people will respect it, but be prepared for opposing thoughts. Also note that in forums each thread must have a specific topic or theme so this will not work for general ramblings. Please start a new thread for each subject change. We can not have one single thread for all things leafs. To be clear, I would say the same to anyone starting a thread like this for any team.

Please choose a topic and rename the thread. Thanks!
TheRC Posted - 02/16/2011 : 09:28:03
I really enjoyed last night's game as well. I saw plenty of good play, and nothing to suggest that losing Beauchemin or Versteeg has really hurt the team. The scary thing, however, is that this was one of the better Leaf performances I've seen all year, and the Leafs still just barely managed to win. The majority of the play was in Boston's zone from the second period on, Reimer made some killer saves, Tim Thomas did not have his best game... and it was still close.

They are on the right path - a couple years ago their best would have come up short against a top team - but not quite there yet. Boston had a pretty weak night and the game still could have gone either way. It's nice to see the effort was there. I hope next season they end up with the kind of coach who can get them to play like that more often.

Is that positive enough? Just trying to keep it real, otherwise this becomes a real magnet for the haters.

"If at first you don't succeed, you fail"
T-RAV Posted - 02/16/2011 : 05:38:48
My bad Slozo. I moved it to general hockey, I think. Also, I didn't realize you were a moderator. real observant Travis.
slozo Posted - 02/16/2011 : 05:37:31
Well T-RAV, I respect the fact that you want to start a positive thread. That's nice, and appreciated.

Just don't be surprised if others come in here to rain on our . . . ugh, bad choice of phrase.

Last night's performance was not only a very entertaining game, it was absolutely the most amazing performance by Grabovski I have ever seen. He got murdered on the boards on that first hit from Chara, and I sincerely thought "there goes his season". How he was able to skate off after that crunching from that giant is beyond me . . . but not only did he do that, he scores the game winner with a minute left on an end to end rush that put a dagger in Boston's heart. He was like a relentless pit bull all night against Boston's bigger D and forwards.

At one point in the game, tied 2-2, they showed the "hit posts" score after a prolonged Leaf effort in the Bruins zone: Leafs 3, Bruins 2. All of them clangers too, lol . . . could have been a much higher scoring game, really.

Really unbelievable stuff, and this Grabovski kid is just surprising me more and more each game. I was first in line saying trade the guy early in the season . . . I am saying no such thing now. He has scoring skill, incredible tenacity, and has the heart of a lion. He is a guy I want on my future championship team, for sure.

Very nice to see Kessel get that huge monkey off his back last night too . . . good for him, and I'll leave it at that.

Lost in the highlights was Reimer's solid play. Every game he plays, he looks more and more like our goalie of the future . . . incredible, considering where he was on the radar a year ago.

"Take off, eh?" - Bob and Doug
slozo Posted - 02/16/2011 : 05:23:05
I did answer first, asking that this should be moved to a Leafs topic, but . . . someone has edited it out, or the message magically disappeared.

Apparently I can't even make a comment to my fellow Leafers without getting moderated.

"Take off, eh?" - Bob and Doug

I got it now - you had somehow moved the topic to a different spot and . . . well, I actually don't know how you did all that, but I erased that one and kept this one. I'll leave it to Admin to move to the Toronto Maple Leafs forum.
T-RAV Posted - 02/16/2011 : 05:11:47
I have to say I'm getting excited about the youngsters Schenn and Aulie. Schenn has been, arguably, our best D-man all year IMO, and Aulie comes from the same area and plays the same game. Solid.
Watching these two kill the penalty that Phaneuf took, was awesome.

Grabby took two huge hits from Chara, and answered them both with goals. I gotta say, I was worried when I saw how he went into the boards on the first hit (Awkward), and the second hit I thought was very similar to the hit Hedman put on Crosby not too long ago.

And to top it off Kessel finally scored...on the Bruins of all teams. woo hoo! that's been a long time coming. And in nice fashion too.
Lupul gets his first point as a Leaf.

All in all this was quite possibly the best game the "buds" have played all year.

Peace and Respect

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