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 POOL PARTY! What you need to know to win your pool
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Posted - 09/18/2003 :  16:29:38  Show Profile
By: Contributor - Pat Beaulieu

Ah... the rights of fall. The air becomes crisper, the leaves start to change colour and fall and the sounds of skates cutting the ice echo through arena's everywhere. Yes it's hockey season my friends and with it comes something even more intoxicating. Hockey pool season! The battle for bragging rights starts right now and are you prepared? Billy in accounting beat your ass last year and hasn't shut up about. Do you want that to happen again? Hell no you don't! That's why I'm here to help all you Donald Audette draftin', Eric Lindros in the first round taken, money wastin' poolies. So grab a pen and some paper ( i'm old school) and take notes, cause i'm gonna save your season.

Let's start with a few rules:

1. PREPERATION. If youíre in a draft come prepared. Don't be that guy fumblin' around trying to think of the best player available off the top of his head .All you'll do is overlook the player you should have taken .Not to mention ticking everyone off for dragginí butt. A good idea is to make a list of the top 50 to 100 players going from the guy you want the most on down, and cross them off as you go along.

2. INJURIES. Injury prone players,thatís you John LeClair, STAY AWAY! You canít get points from a guy if he doesnít play. Just because he rehabbed well in the offseason or played in 70 games for the first time in 3 seasons doesnít mean heíll be healthy. Injuries are a funny thing, some players never miss time no matter what and others are made of porcelain and canít seem to make through half a season. Injures will kill your season quicker than a Tie Domi uppercut to the grill, so do your homework. Notice a pattern here?

3. EINSTEIN. ?Huh? What does that mean? That means youíre not him, therefore youíre not a genius so donít try and be one. Just because you know the Bruins signed the Kazakhastani Elite Leagueís leading scorer doesnít mean it will translate here. If you need proof of this see Dopita,Jiri as exhibit a. This also applies to hotshot minor leaguers, see Papineau, Justin. Donít try and out smart people it just makes you look dumb. Always take proven over potential.

Hopefully these rules will help you out, if thatís not enough Iíll give you a few names to remember. If that doesnít help you out then you should try something else like knitting or ballet cause your hopeless. Good luck , have fun and kick some ass!

Here is a good place to start:

1.Joe Thornton: Former first pick overall has arrived
2.Todd Bertuzzi: A bulldozer with silk hands and nose for the net.
3.Markus Naslund: Leader of high flyiní Canucks attack
4.Peter Forsberg: Last yearís second half was amazing, look for more of that again.
5.Dany Heatley: All-Star MVP, and leader of Team Canada at WCís, straight up stud.

1.Eric Lindros: Concussions made him timid. Timid makes him crappy.
2.John LeClair: He plays for the Flyers? I thought he played for the injured reserve.
3.Pierre Turgeon: Good if you like oft-injured, traffic avoiding, geezers.
4.Steve Yzerman: Ouch this hurts, tough leader with lots of heart but no knee.
5.Luc Robitaille: The sun is starting to set on lucky Lucís great career.

1. Patrick Marleau : Is this the year he breaks out? Will get every chance to shine.
2. Pavel Datsyuk: Now that Fedorov and Larionov are gone heíll get boost in ice time.
3. Stan Chistov: 4 points in NHL debut, playing with Fedorov will make him better.
4. Martin St.Louis: Pint sized dynamo flourished with up and coming Lightning
5. Brendan Morrison: Goes unnoticed playing with Bertuzzi and Naslund.

What are your thoughts on Pat's tips? let us know, just reply.

PickupHockey Pro

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Posted - 09/19/2003 :  14:09:50  Show Profile
Ok so what about Mario Lemieux? He's injured, and he got a crap load of points last year. Or is he just an exception?
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Posted - 04/01/2004 :  19:00:18  Show Profile
Anyone have any suggestions for picking for playoff pools?
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