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Top Prospect

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Posted - 10/04/2009 :  12:52:53  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Poll Question:
Ok so now Varlamov and Theodore have each had a start, so can theodore keep his spot as the starting goalie? or will varlamov step up claim his position. Or will they do what Nabokov and Toskala used to do in San jose which was alternate games.



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Posted - 10/04/2009 :  13:03:35  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
good question 50brent. theodore had a solid game in the opener against boston allowing only 1 goal on 20 shots. then yesterday varlomav had the start against the leafs and looked pretty good to start. he faced 31 shots and allowed 4 goals.3 of those goals came in the 3rd period. great start, not the greatest of third periods but overall an okay game. right now i would have to say its too early to tell, i'd wait a couple of games until i pass my judgement
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PickupHockey Pro

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Posted - 10/04/2009 :  13:37:32  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Varlomov so far is the best, I think will saty the best so I say Varlomov.

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PickupHockey Legend

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Posted - 10/05/2009 :  00:04:39  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I think they'll ride the hot goalie. Let's face it, Washington's not the most defensive of teams so either is bound to face a lot of rubber! I say they split but if one gets a really good game or two in, they prob run with that guy till he cools off.
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PickupHockey All-Star

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Posted - 10/05/2009 :  05:29:31  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
When you've got one guy making more than six times the other, and it just so happens that it's the same guy who let in less goals against a stronger team, it's a no-brainer. Until Theodore is costing the team games, he plays. Even if he's letting in a bunch of goals every game, he keeps playing until the goalie on the other side is consistently letting in less. No sense in fixing something that ain't broke.
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Posted - 10/05/2009 :  10:26:47  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I really don't think the team has decided, but I would suggest they will market both goalies in equal games (or near equal) for the first 20ish games. I think they are much like Chicago last year with 2 capable goalies and wanting to move one of them. They won't move Varlamov so unless Theodore gets stupid hot and a team has their #1 injured, they will keep both for the year.

However, at about the 20 game mark they will have a solid #1. I would say it's Varlamov myself. The kid is wicked bendy.
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PickupHockey Pro

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Posted - 10/05/2009 :  10:36:50  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
It is going to be a similar situation as Huet and Price a couple years ago. Theodore will be the main guy but Varlamov will be pushing for the #1 job. If Varlamov proves capable Theo will be dealt sometime throughout the season or deadline day, if not and Theo is hot, they ride the two goalies into the playoff with Theo possibly leaving after the playoffs depending on performance. They must play Theo in order to keep his trade value higher.
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( )

Posted - 10/06/2009 :  13:08:56  Reply with Quote
I'm tired of the Varlamov hype. His reputation is based almost entirely upon last year's playoff performances.

Sure, against the Rangers, he was a wall. They were also god awful at scoring goals last year ranking well into the bottom tier of the league. He also hadn't played in the NHL and was a relative unknown factor.

Skip ahead to the second round. WSH plays PIT and they lose in 7. Varlamov played well, but by no means was he spectacular. And yes, I realize PIT is a substanstially better offensive team than NYR. But did anyone notice Varlamov's glove hand? Or that after finally getting some NHL scouting tapes, PIT's shooters were peppering Varlamov's glove hand throughout the second round, ESPECIALLY in the last games??

Varlamov has a shaky glove. Which is a tragic achilles heal if your career choice is NHL goaltender. Watch how he holds his arm. Normally a goaltender will use a 'baseball' style, glove out, arm slightly bend, moves his arm as he reacts to the puck. Varlamov uses a goofy style, let's call it a 'pivot' style. Where his arm rests in one position then he pivots his arm on his elbow alone in reaction to the shot. I'm not sure if I managed to explain this well in words, much easier to demonstrate.

Regardless. Your probably right, they'll split time to the halfway mark, but Theodore(regardless of his shaky confidence levels) will emerge the winner. It takes more than one offseason to successfully change the style of your game and Varlamov is about to learn that.
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Posted - 04/27/2010 :  09:32:10  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I was thinking before the game last night if I was Boudreau I would have put Theo in for game 6 after Varlamov lost game 5. The outcome could have been much different. You win or lose that game either way they still have at least one more game to play. I don't think Theo had a fair crack at these playoffs and it would have been a nice gesture after he was named a finalist for the Masterton. Also if Theo would have eliminated the Habs in Montreal...payback.

When Hell freezes over, I'll play hockey there too.
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