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 Slozo's 2013 Hockey "Pick-Em" Game

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
slozo Posted - 04/30/2013 : 05:51:43
As in previous years,

It's simple: you pick the team that wins each series and in how many games they do it. Top half of contestants move on each round until we're left with a few at the end.

For the first two rounds, I will only count exactly correct series length for people who chose the right team. After that, I'll explain further!

Pick away!

"Take off, eh?" - Bob and Doug
40   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
slozo Posted - 06/26/2013 : 11:39:41
What you've all been waiting so long for . . . sorry for the delay guys, been slammed at work.


contestant________POINTS____Bonus Pts

Guest 8629----------------21----------10
fat elvis rocked------------16-----------4

First off, big congrats to Guest 8629 (his original guest #), you done good son. You hold the ultimate PICKUP HOCKEY CROWN OF GLORY . . . sadly, it's an invisible crown, worthless to MOST humans . . . but I know to you, deep down in your heart, it's priceless . . . just below Lord Stanley's Cup, I'd reckon.

Fat Elvis - quite simply, you blew it. You were breathlessly magnificent for the first two rounds, then you fell right flat on your face . . . what can I say? I'll choose to remember 1st two round FER, ok bud?

'Til Next Year!

Hawk in Oil Country . . . well done to you too sir, it's a tough bu honourable way to lose it, as the Guest had the correct # of games, so it's definitely hats off to the guy who had everything right in the final. But no shame in 2nd place, as you were JUST edged out.

"Take off, eh?" - Bob and Doug
slozo Posted - 06/26/2013 : 08:48:32
Super busy, sorry guys - in a bit

"Take off, eh?" - Bob and Doug
Alex116 Posted - 06/25/2013 : 16:19:30
Pretty sure Slozo is busy contacting his legal council about getting out of having to award the prize to the winner. By my calculations, this years prize of an all expenses paid trip to the Bahamas for two including airfare and spending money looks to be owed to Guest8629 with his correct pick of Chicago in 6 games. Last i heard from Slozo, he's talking to his lawyers about the fine print rule that reads "any guest not actually signed up on the site complete with a username will not be eligible for the grand prize and will instead recieve 2 tickets (front row / row 5-8 depending on the progress of pumps) to a sold out show of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band playing their hit song "Fishin' in the Dark" in acapella (repeatedly for the entire show i might add) at the Calgary Saddledome on Saturday June 29!".

Well, good job guest, and enjoy the show!

PS. thanks for putting this together again Slozo.....
Alex116 Posted - 06/24/2013 : 22:53:21
I think some people cheated! I mean, how'd anyone even consider the Hawks??? Did they have a good season or something?
HawkinOilCountry Posted - 06/24/2013 : 20:06:51
Originally posted by HawkinOilCountry

Hawks in 6

I know I didn't win, but I am so happy to be right this round!
Guest4178 Posted - 06/12/2013 : 10:38:25
I know it's off topic (sorry Slozo), but I don't understand the comment about "westerners" not liking the Bruins? (Technically, I actually do "understand" the comment. I just don't agree with the comment.)

I'm a longtime fan of the game (with many hockey fan friends), and in my experience, people just don't cheer that way.

Most people have a favourite team (usually their hometown team), and after that, people pick a variety of different teams to cheer for. (When their team is not playing or eliminated.)

I've never noticed an abundance of "westerners" defaulting to a western team in the finals. Or fans who cheer against a team from the east just because they're in a different conference.

In fact, I've noticed more "westerners" cheering against a team from their own conference, and usually because of an existing rivalry which exists in their favourite team's division or conference.

Once again, sorry for getting off topic, but I just wanted to address the point about "westerners" cheering against the Bruins, a point which has been brought up a few times, for which I don't see the merit.
mandree888 Posted - 06/12/2013 : 06:00:14
I actually posted before You annonced the people moving on. i said Boston in 6
slozo Posted - 06/12/2013 : 05:14:12
Mandree888 - you are the only one left who hasn't submitted your pick, get it in before 8pm EST please!

"Take off, eh?" - Bob and Doug
Leafs81 Posted - 06/11/2013 : 14:00:15
Boston in 5
Alex116 Posted - 06/10/2013 : 21:34:22
Originally posted by Guest2456

Very good pick FER and I know its hard for you westerners to pick the Bruins. I cant beleive there are that many people who dont like them.

I don't think us "westerners" are exactly slagging the Bruins or are down on them. Let's face it, i haven't seen anyone saying that Chicago will crush them in a 4 game sweep!!! With all due respect, Chicago did impress pretty much everyone ALL season and have won the same number of playoff games to date! They're as balanced as anyone and actually, believe it or not, have the goalie who leads the playoffs in GAA with a 1.74 mark (yes, Rask is at 1.75, but my point is that Crawford's been very steady in these playoffs). If all that isn't enough for you, how can you be even remotely surprised that ANYONE, not just us westerners, is picking Chicago when they not only have home ice advantage, but they're the oddsmaker's favorite's in this little place called LAS VEGAS! Trust me, we may not know our stuff, but those guys certainly do.

ETA....2456 - i reread your post and if you meant "like" as in simply liking the Bruins as a team, then disregard all my westerner reasoning as to why some of us are "picking" them. Though, for the record, i still don't like the Bruins at all.
Guest9270 Posted - 06/10/2013 : 17:41:36
Chicago in 6 games

Guest2456 Posted - 06/10/2013 : 14:17:35
Very good pick FER and I know its hard for you westerners to pick the Bruins. I cant beleive there are that many people who dont like them.
fat_elvis_rocked Posted - 06/10/2013 : 11:21:57
Oh Good Gravy,

I forgot the whole thing is cumulative, and that means I still get a pick!

I wonder if Boston isn't the team of destiny this year, or are they that good!

I will go against my better judgement and pick Boston in 6 games.
Guest4674 Posted - 06/10/2013 : 11:02:57
Bruins in 5
HawkinOilCountry Posted - 06/10/2013 : 10:58:54
Hawks in 6
slozo Posted - 06/10/2013 : 10:24:50
Points are CUMULATIVE, meaning, Fat Elvis is definitely still in it. You did have a 4-1 lead in the third, but now it's 4-4 with the outcome to be decided on a coin flip in OT!!!

The standings after the conclusion of ROUND 3:
1----fat elvis rocked---------16------------4
4----Guest 8629-------------15------------5
8----The Gipper--------------11------------2

As you can all see,
no one got all correct, and just to make it super exciting, Fat Elvis got both his picks wrong.

Picking the correct Stanley Cup winner will get you 6 points;
and picking the correct series length for that winner will get you an extra 5 bonus points . . . which could, in fact, turn out to be crucial here, the difference between winning and losing.

Please submit your picks as normal . . . I honestly don't see the point now of anonymous submissions, as there is such a tiny chance of the top three guys all picking the same (fat elvis, mandree and Leafs 81) for Guest 8629 and Hawk inOil to have a chance to win . . . they might just be picking for pride, or to finish second, so I thought, give them the chance to do so knowing the other guy's picks.

You know the deadline - Wed night 8pm EST.

Get'em in boys!

"Take off, eh?" - Bob and Doug
Alex116 Posted - 06/10/2013 : 08:07:22
Didn't do the math FER, but looks like you're still leading, or maybe tied for the lead with Leafs81?

Way to give 'em all a chance.....
umteman Posted - 06/10/2013 : 05:51:14
And just who are those who move on?

Did you hear about the retired proctologist? He spent 40 years saying "what's a place like this doing in a girl like you?"
fat_elvis_rocked Posted - 06/09/2013 : 22:05:49
Wouldn't you know it, leading late in the game, looks to be all but done, moving on, a chance to acheive glory.....and it all goes to pot!!!!

And my picks were bad too!

Sorry Slozo, couldn't resist a dig on your team on the way out of the game! Thanks for running this! Had I picked even 1 of the finalists, I could have had bragging rights for the summer for sure!

Good luck to those who move on!
slozo Posted - 06/09/2013 : 20:04:05
I'll update the standings and who moves on tomorrow . . .

Suffice it to say, after Fat Elvis went 0 for 2, the game's still on!

"Take off, eh?" - Bob and Doug
mandree888 Posted - 06/09/2013 : 05:49:11
I got bruins in 6
Guest9270 Posted - 06/02/2013 : 12:45:30
My picks are:

Bruins in 7
Kings in 6

(I know im late but I might as well post my picks anyways)
Also im guest 8629 in case my number changes.
umteman Posted - 06/02/2013 : 03:21:43
Darn! I should have picked the Blackhawks. Or rather should have checked fat elvis's picks first. We picked the same two teams so it is impossible for me to catch him - if I am right so is he.

Did you hear about the retired proctologist? He spent 40 years saying "what's a place like this doing in a girl like you?"
Leafs81 Posted - 05/31/2013 : 18:21:03
Pittsburgh in 6

Chicago in 5
umteman Posted - 05/30/2013 : 16:04:55
Penguins in 6

Kings in 7

Did you hear about the retired proctologist? He spent 40 years saying "what's a place like this doing in a girl like you?"
The_Gipper Posted - 05/30/2013 : 13:32:45
maybe we should all just copy FER's picks as he seems to be in the know.

i'll take the Kings and Pens. both in 7 games.
sharksfan44 Posted - 05/30/2013 : 13:15:40
Originally posted by Guest9626

Pens in 6
Kings in 7

Sorry that was me
Guest9626 Posted - 05/30/2013 : 13:14:46
Pens in 6
Kings in 7
fat_elvis_rocked Posted - 05/30/2013 : 08:26:35
3 rounds lucky?

I will take:

Penguins in 6 games
LA Kings in 6 games

Good luck to all!
mandree888 Posted - 05/30/2013 : 08:05:46
bruins in 7
kings in 6
HawkinOilCountry Posted - 05/30/2013 : 06:55:29
I'm still in? Holy crap!

Hawks in 6
Pens in 5
slozo Posted - 05/30/2013 : 06:23:53
Here are the REAL after 2nd Round Standings, apologies about my first posting - 2nd round correct picks should get 2 points each. I have left my initial post up, so you can all see the difference it made:

PLACE / NAME / PTS / Tie Break Pts.
1 fat elvis rocked 16 4
2 umteman 13 3
3 mandree888 12 2
3 sharksfan44 12 2
5 Leafs81 12 0
6 Guest 8629 11 5
7 HawkinOilCountry 11 3
8 The Gipper 11 2
9 The Duke 10 3
10 Alex116 9 3
11 sahis34 6 1

I struggled with the cut-off line, but don't like making the cut-off on tie breaks, so . . . I opted for 11 points and up to move on, and so only The Duke, Alex116 and Sahis34 who never put in his picks are eliminated.

Get 'yer 2nd round picks in gentlemen! Deadline is . . . 5pm EST Saturday, June 1st.
(I will be away all day on the Saturday, but will check the time stamps on Sunday when I update everyone's picks)

Good luck, and remember - 3rd round correct series winner picks get you 4 points, and in this round, a correct series length for the right winner gets you 2 bonus points.

And they look to be two absolutely awesome series, so I do expect a lot of different opinions!

"Take off, eh?" - Bob and Doug
slozo Posted - 05/30/2013 : 05:46:42
AFTER ROUND 2, the STANDINGS - please note that 2nd round points were added onto the first round totals.

PLACE NAME PTS. Tie-Break Pts.
1 fat elvis rocked 12 4
2 umteman 9 3
3 mandree888 9 2
3 The Gipper 9 2
3 sharksfan44 9 2
6 Leafs81 9 0
7 Guest 8629 8 5
8 HawkinOilCountry 8 3
8 The Duke 8 3
10 Alex116 7 3
11 sahis34 6 1

Incredibly, Fat Elvis Rocked goes perfect again! Amazing and unprecedented . . . he should be winning every hockey pool this year I reckon, great stuff bud, and congrats - you are building a lead that is becoming nearly impossible to overcome at this point, but we'll see how your picks go from here on in, and whether it gives the other guys a chance to catch up.

Those under the line didn't make the cut, sorry . . .

. . . but I now need YOUR third round picks boys!
fat elvis rocked
The Gipper

I forgot that 2nd round picks are worth 2 points, hold on a second fellers . . . let me do a recalculation!!!

"Take off, eh?" - Bob and Doug
The Duke Posted - 05/18/2013 : 12:16:27
Great job Fat Elvis......those dam bruins
Alex116 Posted - 05/15/2013 : 15:02:10
FER....impressive indeed! 8/8, well done!
slozo Posted - 05/15/2013 : 09:42:20
Originally posted by sharksfan44

sorry, missed the deadline, so my sharks/kings picks and my pens/sens wont count but will my hawks/red wings and rangers/bruins picks count still?

Sharks in 7
pens in 6
hawks in 5
bruins in 6

I'll stick with my initial post saying it all counts until 7pm tonight, so you are good - at that point, you will all have to believe me when I say that I didn't even look at who made it or didn't, I was just just concerned that a healthy dose of people had not put their picks in in time due to my negligence.

All your picks stand, and we now wait for sahis34 and we'll have all the 2nd rounders in.

"Take off, eh?" - Bob and Doug
sharksfan44 Posted - 05/15/2013 : 09:40:07
Sharks in 7
pens in 6
hawks in 5
bruins in 6
slozo Posted - 05/15/2013 : 09:18:30
We are still waiting for entries from:

sahis 34
sharksfans 44

You have until 7pm EST or your picks are null and void, although you would retain your current points.

Get 'yer picks in boys!

Tomorrow, I will go through who picked what.

"Take off, eh?" - Bob and Doug
slozo Posted - 05/15/2013 : 07:46:02
First off,
a HEARTY CONGRATS!!! to FatElvisRocks, who pulled off the very first (in the history of this site, to my recollection) 100% correct 1st round prediction, with a solid 4 tie-break points as well, to build up a nice lead. Great stuff bud, I really hope you entered a bunch of hockey pools this year, should have some winners this season! Gipper wasn't far off with 7, and overall, it was a high scoring round - with yours truly not making the cut for the first time ever, and of course I would have made it had my Leafs not blown a 3 goal lead in the third and lost it in overtime in Game 7. But I'm not bitter!!! .

Here were the standings:

1_________fat elvis rocked_______8_________4
2_________The Gipper__________7_________2
3_________The Duke___________6_________2
8_________Guest 8629_________5_________4
12_________Guest 4779________4_________3
14_________Beans15 __________4_________1

The bottom 7 below the line are eliminated, and the rest move on to the 2nd round.

NOTE: I had to go back and add Guest 4779, who I had initially missed in the first accounting. Unfortunately, he was still the first cut and didn't make it to the 2nd round, with no other placings getting changed thank goodness.

"Take off, eh?" - Bob and Doug
slozo Posted - 05/15/2013 : 05:38:25
I apologise wholeheartedly for being absent yesterday . . . basically crying in my beer, as I am sure you can all understand and empathise with.

I will give everyone that one game advantage, and allow entries up until 7pm today for their second round predictions.

Will update the standings soon folks.

"Take off, eh?" - Bob and Doug

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