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The 4th Line Banger
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Posted - 03/11/2011 :  16:16:26  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Max Paciorretty will be out what is certain to be at least rest of this season following a hit by Zdeno Chara. There is an endless amount of argument around the hit but in the end the only two things I can see consistent in virtually every argument is that no one wants to see anyone getting hurt and something does have to be done about players getting hurt.

The NHL wasnít always like this. There was something back in the day that ruled over the rules. Call it ĎThe CodeĒ or whatever title you want to give to it, but there was honor and respect in the game that is simply no longer present. There was a time when a fight was not the immediate response to a clean hit and players Ďtook numbersí and doled out their retribution in a way that was within the confines of the rules. Even retribution was done in a way that honored the game and those privileged enough to play it for a living. I am not saying that hockey players were Saints, but things were at least in control.

Those days are gone. The question is can we get them back??

I donít think anyone knows exactly when the game began to deteriorate or the reasons why. Those things really arenít important. What is important is what is being done to fix it?? What is being done to return this great game to one of honor and respect??

The easy answer is blaming the NHL. Hang Bettman from the rafters! Heís gotta go, get someone new in there thatís gonna fix everything. Itís a wonderful thought to think of an actual hockey guy running the NHL and all those who need it will get their pound of flesh and be happy for a little while. But that doesnít fix the problem. It has taken years if not decades for the game to regress to where it is today and itís a far bigger problem than one person or even just the NHL administration can fix.

Where is the NHLPA fining their players for their actions??? Oh, thatís right. If a player is injured he is still getting paid and contributing to that escrow, so why would the PA want to do something about it??

Where are the GMís taking punishments into their own hands?? Where is Peter Charielli benching Chara for the next 3 games and docking his pay??? Well, the Bruins are in the hunt for a division title and its win at all costs, right?? Plus, that NHLPA we just discussed would have Bostonís junk in the sling over that wouldnít they??

Where are the ownerís ensuring their Ďassetsí are protected by insisting consistency in arena, equipment, and discipline???

Where are the players using some simple logic that should be part of everyoneís psyche that tells them that inflicting injury on another human is not the right thing to do?

Finally, where are you? Yes, I am talking to you Mr. Insatiable Hockey Fan?? You complain about it. You donít like it. What are you going to do about it?? Iíll tell you what you are doing about it. Nothing! Fans vote with their wallets. They stop spending and the NHL has to listen. Ok, so you say you arenít going to pay for the tickets anymore, so what?? The NHL makes their money off TV anyway. So you are going to stop watching hockey?? Yeah, right. Even if you stopped watching Hockey Night in Canada it wouldnít matter. Every time you pick up your 6 pack of Canadian, take an airplane ride, drink a Coca-Cola product, stop in your local Timmyís in the morning for your double-double, etc, you are supporting the NHL and ultimately telling them you like what you see. You are paying for it, right??

So, how is this massive issue fixed??? That is the billion dollar question. All I know this problem is too big and too wide spread to have the responsibility of the fix to just one party. Itís an involvement of all parties involved to solve the issues.

Have an opinion on The Fourth Line Banger's article? Let us know. Just hit reply below and post your thoughts. Anything goes...but keep it clean.
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