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PickupHockey Pro

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Posted - 02/11/2015 :  09:58:36  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
to Buffalo: Kane, Bogosian, prospect
to WPG: Myers, Stafford, two prospects, 2015 1st round pick (the lowest of the 3 that they currently own)

let's get some opinions and debates going on this one.


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Posted - 02/11/2015 :  10:43:38  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Oops started a post. Didn't see this one (totally refreshed too before posting, stupid iPhone). I say Winnipeg wins this one overall. Love the trade, Kane had to go and now they win the Myers sweepstakes. Buff AND Myers. Jesus. I'm scared of them now!
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PickupHockey All-Star

3670 Posts

Posted - 02/11/2015 :  13:34:55  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Like most trades that involve prospects, it will take some time to declare a winner in this trade. I don't know anything about the prospects that WPG got, but no doubt they are blue-chip or close to it. Having a late first round pick this year is great. But until they all hit the NHL and make an impact, its tough to call.

IMO, as of today, BUF clearly wins this trade. Getting the best player would have been enough for them to win, but I think they actually got the best 2 players in this deal in Kane and Bogosian. Myers might be a close second to Bogosian, and I might be biased because I see Bogosian more than I see Myers, but thats my take on it. Both of them are tough physical defensemen that can log big minutes, but Bogosian wins with more offensive upside.

This trade is interesting because it contains a lot of players that are a) young (Stafford is the oldest at 29, but all other players involved are 25 or under) and b) have significant baggage or questions surrounding them:

- Can Kane play well with the rest of the BUF dressing room, or will he end up alienating them? Can he regain his scoring prowess with new teammates?

- Can Bogosian stay healthy? He hasn't played more than 55 games since his rookie year

- Can Myers become the dominant large body physical defenseman that everyone thought he would become?

- will any of the draft picks/prospects that WPG acquired amount to anything in the NHL?

We'll see.

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PickupHockey Veteran

2308 Posts

Posted - 02/11/2015 :  16:27:45  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Myers has played better this year and any team not Buffalo might have better success with him, getting him back to the potential most thought he possessed. Bogosian however was steady in Winnipeg with similar point production and tonnes of potential if he can stay healthy.

Stafford as far as I can tell is a big question mark only twice playing close to a full season in 9 years and was all over the place in ppg, never really hitting his potential. He could end up being as good for the Jets, as Kane was, or end up playing only half his games and then possibly at a lower point production.

The prospects going to Winnipeg are considered decent and a 1st round is great even in the late 20's, which to me means Winnipeg wins now, but I have a feeling Buffalo ends up winning in the end here. I think with whomever Buffalo drafts, be it Mcdavid or Eichel, with Kane and Bogosian, Buffalo will end up better next year than the return Winnipeg received for this post season run.
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PickupHockey Legend

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Posted - 02/11/2015 :  21:24:10  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Count me in on the "Buffalo wins" side of things.

They got the best player in the deal in Kane, albeit a guy with a questionable history as far as attitude goes. But, he's a 23 yr old, 4th overall pick and one time 30goal scorer who, in the right situation, could easily flourish. I could see him as a 35g/40a kind of guy. This Sabres team will be good soon, likely with one of the big two coming next year as well as Reinhart and some other decent prospects as well.
What they lost in Myers, they replace with Bogosian. I agree with nuxfan, Bogosian may be the better player today but they imo are a "wash".

Winnipeg got some nice pieces but the 1st will likely be late (I believe it's StL's pick?) and Stafford has never been much, plus he's 29! I know nothing of Lemieux but I do think Armia is a pretty decent prospect and could be a good power forward one day.

Buffalo takes a risk with not only Kane's attitude and history but also in the fact that he is injured and scheduled for major shoulder surgery! Still like the deal for them and as much as I'd have loved to see him in a Canucks uni, I'm glad they didn't get involved as I heard Virtanen and/or Horvat needed to be included. I wouldn't have wanted to see either of them go in a deal for E.Kane.
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PickupHockey All-Star

3670 Posts

Posted - 02/12/2015 :  08:42:36  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Still like the deal for them and as much as I'd have loved to see him in a Canucks uni, I'm glad they didn't get involved as I heard Virtanen and/or Horvat needed to be included. I wouldn't have wanted to see either of them go in a deal for E.Kane.

I had heard Horvat AND Virtanen, and this years first rounder was the asking price! I would have lost all respect for management if they had made that deal...
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4809 Posts

Posted - 02/12/2015 :  15:18:59  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I call it a pretty even deal right now . . . very tough to say, when considering the potential upsides of both principals involved, Kane and Myers.

I think in the end, Winnipeg wins this, because I feel Myers will develop into that Chara 2.0 that was always hoped for in Buffalo. A better team and better structure, and good leadership and tight group, will all help Myers development.

Kane may get better numbers, but . . . I bet you anything he's back to being a malcontent in two years.

But that's pure speculation on my part. And what do I know . . . I was the guy who two years ago said Gagner would NOT develop into a 60+ pt player, and a top line centre . . .

Don't Leaf me hanging, Buds!
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