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Top Prospect

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Posted - 04/23/2014 :  11:05:40  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hehe. Thanks Alex.

Please, allow me to explain:

I am a Hockey Fan. But strangely, I don't feel any allegiance to any one team in particular. (Growing up it was the Oilers - but wow, it's hard to cheer for that Team these days).

I like players mostly. I like my Pool Team first and foremost.

But, in general, I like teams that display a solid fighting spirit despite the controversy surrounding them. I like the underdog. I generally pick a team near the beginning of the Season, and I blog about and support that team.

Three years ago, I was supporting the Flyers. Two years ago, the Islanders. Last Season, The Sens.

This Season - in light of last year's spectacular collapse in Game 7 against the Bruins (sniff.) - I HAD to support the Leafs. I mean, really. How could you NOT have wanted the Leafs to do well this Season? They've been through enough.

And really, I don't know what's worse. With 16 games remaining, the Leafs were in THIRD! I was just about to write to you guys to stir the pot a little - but I laid off for a while. I actually wrote on my Facebook Status on that day: "I am a Leafs' Fan." and boy - you should have seen the pot that THAT stirred. Anyway, then, I watched - almost like a cosmic, ironic joke - as the Leafs inexplicably lost 14 of 16. What the HELL was that.

For the record, I don't think there is anything wrong with that Team; and I still maintain that the Leafs got a great deal in bringing over Kessel. There is no explanation for that epic collapse. Maybe they started reading the papers. I don't know. They are a good team, solid core group, and Kessel is a genuine SuperStar.

Having said all of that... The Clarkson and Phaneuf contracts are starting to look like a waste of money. Raymond is going to want more. Lupul seems to have reverted back into an "injury-prone" player. And Kadri didn't quite develop they way Leaf Fans were hoping. It's going to be tough for them going forward.

I probably won't be a Leafs' Fan next year. We'll see. I'll keep you posted. I feel sorry for your Canucks too. That was a brutal Season. Oh, and the Oilers. Ugh......

...Anyway, that was long-winded. I like Players more than Teams. And yes, I really like Kessel. He's my boy. (I won my Olympic Hockey Pool after selecting Kessel 4th overall to gasps from the crowd. Boo yah.).

The Oil WILL make the Playoffs... (at least once before) 2025!
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PickupHockey Legend

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Posted - 04/23/2014 :  14:04:43  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I get it, and though long winded, you did explain yourself well! I too had Kessel in an Olympic pool that i won, however, it was a box pool and many also had him.

As much as i pile on at times, i too feel bad for the Leafs and their fans! I've actually found myself cheering for them in past playoffs when the Canucks aren't around, just like i did Calgary and Edm on their runs to the cup.

Cheering for your pool team is also a lot of fun. It's funny though, at least in my case, i can have a guy like Patrick Kane on my team but detest the Blackhawks (only for the pain and suffering they've caused me over the past 5 years) and yet enjoy seeing him do well. Winning pools / money does that to a person i guess?

That Leaf collapse was simply incredible! NO ONE could have seen that coming. I did say earlier in the year that being outshot would catch up with them as i didn't think you could rely on goaltending forever, but no way did i see them missing the playoffs when they were in 3rd so close to the end!!! It's really inexplicable!!!

So, who're you cheering for in the playoffs? Me, i'm rooting for a SJ vs Montreal final, though as a betting man, i was picking SJ / Boston.
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